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translations of Persian, Georgian, and Russian literature by Rebecca Gould


Tomb of Iranian Poet Saib Tabrizi (Isfahan)

2019 High Tide of the Eyes: Poems by Bijan Elahi. Co-Translated with Kayvan Tahmasebian (New York: The Operating System, Glossarium: Unsilenced Texts & Modern Translations series).

2016 After Tomorrow the Days Disappear: Ghazals and Other Poems of Hasan Sijzi of Delhi (Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, World Classics series). ISBN: 978-0810132306. 144pp. Translation from the Persian, critical introduction, and critical apparatus.
* Seminary Co-op Notable Book of 2016 & Parsagon Top Ten Translations from Persian for 2016
* American Association of University Presses, Recommended Book for Public and Secondary School Libraries, one of 10 translations for 2017

2019 Bijan Elahi (Persian poet; all Elahi translations are co-translated with Kayvan Tahmasebian), “Four Scenes from Icarus,” The Kenyon Review (in press for March/April 2019 issue).

2019 Bijan Elahi, 3 Poems, Two Lines (accepted; in press).

2018 Bijan Elahi, 3 Poems, Poetry Wales 53(4): 66-71.

2018 Bijan Elahi, “Dissecting an Onion,” The McNeese Review 55: 6-7.

2018 Bijan Elahi, 3 poems, Acumen Literary Journal 84: 57-58.

2018 Mahvash Sabet, “Name of the poem: the word,” Index on Censorship 47(1): 116.

2018 Kayvan Tahmasebian (Persian poet; all Tahmasebian translations are co-translated with author), “Shah’s Mosque,” North American Review 303: 201.

2018 Kayvan Tahmasebian, 2 poems, Notre Dame Review 45: 76-77.

2018 Kayvan Tahmasebian, Poem from the Janin Cycle, Salt Hill 40: 72-74.

2017 Bijan Elahi, “For two weeks I have been in this palace,” Tin House (Open Bar Broadside).

2017 Bijan Elahi, 2 Poems and Translator’s Statement, Waxwing XII.

2017 Kayvan Tahmasebian, Poems from the Janin Cycle, Columbia Journal Online.

2017 Kayvan Tahmasebian, Poems from the Janin Cycle, Lunch Ticket, finalist for The Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multilingual Texts (Summer/Fall 2017).

2017 Kayvan Tahmasebian, “The Fetus of the Text,” The Hawai’i Review (86): 64-75.

2017 Kayvan Tahmasebian, “The Fetus of the Dream,” The Chattahoochee Review 37(1): 73-74.

2017 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi (Persian poet), “Seeing a Lover: Four Poems by Hasan Sijzi of Delhi,” The Margins: Asian American Writers’ Workshop (January).

2016 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi, 2 Ghazals, Silk Road Review 15.

2016 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi, 2 Ghazals and Translator’s Note, Berkeley Poetry Review 46: 63-68

2016 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi, 2 Ghazals, Washington Square 37: 72-73.

2016 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi, 5 Ghazals, Acumen Literary Journal 84: 57-59.

2015 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi, 5 Ghazals, Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts 6 (Fall 2015).

2015 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi, Ghazal 42, Tin House (Open Bar Broadside).

2014 Titsian Tabidze, “November,” The Atlanta Review (Fall 2014): 10.
* Reprinted in Off the Coast (Winter 2014): 51.

2012 Bidel Dehlevi, Ghazal, Asymptote 7 (July).
* Nominated for a Pushcart Prize (made by the journal for its best three publications in a given year).

2011 Mahsatī of Ganja (Persian poet), Rubāʿīyyāt, Literary Imagination 13 (2): 228-231.

2010 Hasan Sijzi Dehlevi, 6 Ghazals, “InTranslation” section, The Brooklyn Rail.

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