Caucasus Literatures in Translation

translations of Persian, Georgian, and Russian literature by Rebecca Gould


Ingush Watch Towers

2013 Idris Bazorkin (Ingush novelist), novel excerpt, First Lines 2 (British Centre for Literary Translation).

2012 Semyon Lipkin (Russian poet), “From Odessa to Moscow: Pages from My Life,” Translation and Literature 21.3 (9-page online supplement).

2012 Sergei Esenin (Russian poet), “Letter to my mother,” The Hudson Review LXV (2): 267-268.
* Reprinted in: Rhino Poetry 12: 37; Xavier Review 32(1-2): 102.

2012 Sergei Esenin, “The harvest moon grows cold,” Xavier Review 32(1-2): 100.

2012 Sergei Esenin, “I have never been to the Bosphorus,” Berkeley Poetry Review 42: 88-89.

2010 Idris Bazorkin, “Evening Prayers” in The Russia Reader: Culture, History, Politics, eds. Bruce Grant and Adele Barker (Durham, NC: Duke University Press), 293-302.

2010 Idris Bazorkin, “Light of the Ancestors,” Washington Square 27: 152-167.

2008 Dmitry Tonkonogov (Russian poet), 4 poems, in Contemporary Russian Poetry: An Anthology, eds. James Kates and Evgeniy Bunimovich (Urbana, IL: Dalkey Archive Press), 394-405.

2008 Dmitry Bushuev (Russian poet), 2 poems, New Russian Poets, feature section of Jacket2 # 36.

2008 Maria Kuzmin-Stepanova (Russian poet), 2 poems, New Russian Poets, feature section of Jacket2 # 36.

2006 Zaza Shatirishvili (Georgian critic), “A Word About Tbilisi Culture,” Film International 23.4(5): 48-51.

2004 Boris Slutsky (Russian poet), “Key,” Portals: A Journal in Comparative Literature 2(1): 71.

2004 Zalpa Bersanova (Chechen novelist), “Values Stronger than War: Islam and the Struggle for Meaning in Chechnya Today,” Talk hosted by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Washington, DC.

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